Julianna Janczak



Learn hairstyles online

Not feeling confident while working with brides?

I’ve been there. I totally remember freaking out every time a bride showed me a picture of a hairstyle I didn’t know how to create. Every morning, before going to work I was asking myself if I manage to meet my brides’ expectations.

But it's all in the past now!

Now my work brings me nothing but joy.

Many of my hairstyles are really popular on Pinterest! Brides are showing me my own hairstyles as inspo, not knowing they are mine.

I can recreate every single hairstyle that client shows me.

I create hairstyles that stay in place and look beautiful all night long.

I worked out best ways of hair preparation.

Clean textures doesn’t scare me anymore.

I easily create voluminous, light, airy hairstyles, most desired by brides.

I know which products and tools to use for different types of hair.

I’ve developed some useful tricks ...

And I want to teach you all of this!

Now imagine that...

You are the leading bridal hairstylist
in your area
You are fully booked
all year in advance
You feel confident and calm,
so no anxiety can stop you from creating the best hairstyles
You don't have to advertise,
clients come to you based on recommendations
The huge interest in your hairstyles
allows you to expand your business by increasing prices and hiring more hairstylists
Your brand is well-known and respected

Hi, I am Julianna!

I've been doing hair since I can remember.

I have been working with brides for 7 years now, and from 5 years I am running my own bridal studio, based in Wrocław, Poland.

I am also a youtuber! On my YT channel I share free tutorials, tools and products reviews, hairstyling tricks etc. I have been cooperating with the biggest brands on the market - Wella, Dyson, Rowenta, Vichy, Halier and many smaller Polish brands. Also, I write about hairstyling for some Polish magazines.

Besides hairstyling I love teaching! That's the reason why I started this online academy. Hundreds of hairstylists in Poland trusted me and took my online classes to take their services to the next level.

Never stop learning, and don't forget:
" The expert in anything was once a beginner."

Do you want all of that?

Don't wait any longer! Join my online academy and let your business grow.

What can you do now?

Learn and practise!

Get access to my online classes

Collect all the necessary tools and products

Find models or buy a mannequin head

Practice, practice and then practice some more

Take lots of pictures of your work to see your own progress. Post them online.

Don’t forget to put your logo on each of them, so people can find you.

Students feedback

I have never seen a course that is so clear and understandable before. There is a list of tools and products with every hairstyle and videos show exactly how to create hairstyles step by step. When I first saw this online course, it became clear to me that Julianna put her heart and soul into it. It’s great that I can watch the classes whenever I want. Julianna shares great knowledge. Now I know what products and tools to use, how much time I need for a given hairstyle or how to make clean textures. I recommend Julianna’s online academy with all my heart, you will not regret it!


I am not a hairstylist, but hairstyling has always been my passion. I have decided to try Julianna’s classes for a month. And so it started! Exercises, practice, another and another month and many ideas I tried to recreate. Now, thanks to Julianna’s course I am fully booked and my passion became my additional job. If you hesitate to join the academy - don’t wait any longer! It’s really worth it.


First thing that fascinated me was how clear the explanation is. After watching all the lessons I was really shocked, how easy it all is! I tried to recreate the first hairstyle, and it worked out perfectly - shape, cleanliness - 11/10! But the best thing is that my clients see the difference. Now, seeing my progress, most of my brides book me for full days, for hairstyles and makeups for all the guests. I get so many compliments about my work! I only regret that it took me so long to buy Julianna’s course. Now I believe in myself and my skills. Jul, thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously!