Definitions: The Client - the recipient of the service The Company: HRB Julianna Janczak The service: www.hairbyjul.pro

General To be able to watch purchased online courses and tutorials, the client needs a device with internet connection. Tutorials and online courses must not be downloaded, reproduced, filmed or broadcast in any way.

Purchase Purchasing any online course or tutorial on www.hairbyjul.pro website, the client gets 12 month access from the purchase date to watch them online.

Subscription Purchasing 1/6/12 month subscription, courses and tutorials included in subscription are available to watch when the subscription is active.

Payment The client can pay for all the courses and tutorials via PayPal. 1/6/12 month subscription fees are debited from the client via PayPal recurring payment set up by the client during the registration process. Fees are debited monthly in case of monthly subscription, once every 6 months in case of 6 months subscription and once a year in case of 12 month subscription. The billing cycle starts 1/6/12 months after the initial payment was made. The company reserves the right to cancel a client’s access to online courses and tutorials, in case of missing payment.

Prices for products and services can be changed without notice.

Canceling The client can cancel the subscription any time, by canceling subscription payment on their PayPal account. The client will only be able to access online courses and tutorials until the end of their final billing cycle. The company can cancel client’s subscription in case of missing payment.

Refunds Refunds for purchases of online courses and tutorials are only available if the company has not been able to provide these services fully within a reasonable time to the client. No other refunds will be offered for these services. Refunds will be calculated according to the period during the year/ billing cycle in case of subscription, when access to online courses and tutorials was not provided to the client. The company is not responsible if the client's internet connection or IT equipment is not of a standard which would enable them to view the online content satisfactorily. This would not be grounds for a refund.

The company reserves the right to modify or discontinue online courses and tutorials on www.hairbyjul.pro website, at any time without notice.

By purchasing the online course or tutorial, the client accepts these terms and conditions.