So you've created an updo..

...and you can clearly see that something went wrong here, but have no idea what can it be?

Don't worry, you are not alone. Most hairstylists struggle with it at the beginning.

I have been working as a bridal hairstylist for 8 years now...

... and after all these years of working in the profession, one glance at a photo of a hairstyle and I already know what went wrong there!

But I can still remember feeling frustrated when a hairstyle did not worked out for the 5th time in a row and I didn't know why.

Some time ago, while doing cleanup on my computer, I found a bunch of old photos of my hairstyles and I decided to make use of them!

And that's where the e-book UPDOS -most common mistakes and how to avoid them came from.

E-book: UPDOS - most common mistakes and how to avoid them

We will discuss the most common mistakes based on my own example.
After analyzing my old hairtyles photos we will focus on a possible solutions to each mistake.
You will learn how to avoid each common mistake,
and how to fix a mistake that has already been made.
You will learn the rules that will let you work calmly and with confidence.
No more worrying about the final result of hairstyling!

What will you learn from the e-book?

16 most common mistakes made while creating updos.
Some mistakes are notoriously repeated among beginners. We will figure them out one by one, on the example of photos of my works from years ago.
16 solutions.
I teach you my ways to work with all 16 mistakes.
My 3 steps for a perfect updo and mistakes possible to made on each step.
All the knowledge is specifically structured and easy to assimilate.
A lot of hairstyling theory!
In this e-book I share many general hairstyling rules.
You will see comparisons of incorrectly made hairstyles with those made correctly.
This will make it easier for you to understand what the mistakes are.
You will see what my beginnings as a hairstylist looked like!
If as a beginner you are frustrated that many things are not going well, it will be a great motivation for you! ;)

Sounds good?

If you have participated in at least one of my trainings, you know that you can expect nothing but valuable content.

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Limited offer

€15 €19
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